Built for the
institutional wave

FRNT connects the worlds of institutional tradfi with web-based finance & crypto

Meeting the distinct
needs of institutions


Product expertise at the level that institutions expect from a partner

A proven track record

FRNT has successfully navigated both bull and bear markets

Facilitate large trades

FRNT's only limit to transaction size is general market liquidity

Publicly Traded

Full IPO as a crypto / crypto-adjacent company

Crypto products

A broad and growing range of proprietary crypto products

Fully licensed

Asset management licenses and derivative exemptions

FRNT was purpose-built to facilitate institutional interest in crypto web-based finance

FRNT offers institutions access to opportunities in the worlds of web-based finance & cryptocurrency


FRNT operates under an OSC Exemption and has employed a compliance-focused approach to the crypto space

Digital Native

FRNT is a partner that straddles both the traditional finance world and crypto.

Publicly Traded

FRNT (TSXV: FRNT) debuted on the TSX Venture Exchange in April 2022 , offering clients the highest levels of compliance

A focus on technology encouraging scale

Services focused on retail participants and a lack of professional infrastructure create a unique need for crypto-native expertise, advice and services for institutions.

Decades of combined experience in finance

FRNT was founded in 2018 with the vision of facilitating institutional participation in crypto and web-based finance. The firm’s founders bring decades of experience from traditional finance as well as the crypto space. 

A team from the best of crypto and tradfi

Our leadership team is made up of crypto pioneers that have extensive roots and relationships extending back to the industry's founding

Stéphane Ouellette

Co-founder, CEO

In 2018, Stéphane left BMO to start FRNT Financial. In August 2019, Stéphane was elected Chairman of the Canadian Security Traders Association (CSTA) following a term as Vice Chairman. He continues to be active in industry groups.

David Washburn


Dr. Washburn has a unique combination of experience in traditional capital markets and the digital asset space. Most recently David was Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest blockchain innovation and development firms globally.

A unique full service offering

The company offers a wide range of services to optimize relationships, meeting the full stack of customer needs

Capital Markets

FRNT provides technology that allows counterparties to access cryptocurrency liquidity and other yields in the space at best-in-class rates via highly automated interfaces.


As crypto pioneers, with years of experience in tradfi at top institutions, we are trusted partners in the crypto world. We are licensed as a portfolio manager with the OSC.

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