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crypto experts

FRNT aids asset managers in building their own suite of crypto-related investment products

Developing systematic trading strategies for institutions


Market inefficiencies persist in crypto. FRNT identifies and can effectively manage such strategies.


Crypto markets are inherently volatile. FRNT analyzes and assess responsible momentum opportunities in new markets.


FRNT advises on partners, infrastructure and processes for passive vehicles such as ETF and trust products.


Creating multiple buckets across the blockchain sector to provide greater diversification beyond outright token ownership.


Accessing the volatility rich environment through derivatives strategies to generate yield responsibly.

Technology focused

Industry leading technology creating the opportunity to assess trades in a market with little common technology infrastructure.

Establishing successful crypto strategies for any kind of fund

Fostering the adoption of cryptocurrency for institutions through unique strategies and sub-advising mandates.

Tier 1 Institutions
Family Offices
ETF Companies
Asset Managers

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