Creating opportunities
for institutions in crypto

FRNT offers outsourced support and expertise for traditional and crypto-native firms

Full service offering, solving institutional challenges in crypto

Compliance & Regulatory

From policy creation, compliance process and review, to conversations with the regulators.

Trading Infrastructure

FRNT assists managers with the build-out of proprietary trading infrastructure within crypto.

Sector Insights

FRNT's market position and experience allows the firm access to unique insights.

Operations Improvement

From custody, onboarding, to settlement, FRNT offers advise in streamlining operational activities unique to the fast-moving and nascent space.

Project Management

FRNT offers outsourced project management for companies struggling to optimally execute their vision.


FRNT facilitates introductions between firms to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships.

Crypto pioneers with extensive roots in the industry

FRNT adds values to traditional financial institutions, asset managers, government organizations and even crypto native firms on strategic direction and execution in crypto.

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Advisory Services