Complex trading,

Derivative product suite offering traders the ability to gain exposure to beta and alpha opportunities through a regulated avenue

Regulated products, offered through automated interfaces

Derivatives on the FRNT trading platform are built for institutions requiring a high regulatory bar and differentiated products

Fiat settled, regulated structured products for crypto

Cash Settled

Synthetic exposure to underlying assets, fully collateralized.

Extensive Offering

Exposure to a particular token, basket of assets, multi-leg structured product.


Operating under an OSC exemption to service 'permitted clients.'

The world's first regulated BASIS structured product


BASIS is a structured product aiming to capture spreads in cryptocurrency futures basis. This strategy has historically provided outsized risk-adjusted returns.

How it works

BASIS is a cash & carry trade flipped into a ‘zero-coupon bond’ settling at 100 at maturity. The bond trades at a discount to ‘par’ when the futures curve is in contango, and at a premium in backwardation.

Feature-Rich Interface

  • Enter & exit positions instantaneously
  • Full quote history
  • Easy deposits & withdrawals
  • Mark-to-market for open positions
  • Multiple open quotes simultaneously
  • Detailed reporting & accounting
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