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Maximize an opportunity to turn your claim into cash now and avoid a lengthy and uncertain bankruptcy process.
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FRNT expertly knows crypto, FTX, and institutional sales.

FRNT is crypto native, and intimately familiar with the FTX platform and the affairs surrounding its bankruptcy. FRNT is connected to all major institutional buyers and with the law firm of Schulte Roth + Zabel LLP has formulated an auction process to maximize the value of sellers' claims. Schulte Roth + Zabel LLP has been engaged by FRNT as its legal counsel in connection with the auction process. No separate legal counsel has been engaged to independently represent sellers in connection with the auction and sale of sellers’ claims. 1
Advised the most successfully priced claim sale known to date. 
Strong team of institutional sales staff. 
Schulte Roth + Zabel LLP's best-in-class claims sales legal advisory.

Equip us with your data and we’ll manage an auction to get you the best result.


Collect your data. Equip us with you data by filling out our questionnaire.


Consider the right strategy for your claim, pooled with others or sold individually.


Host an auction with the largest institutional buyers in the space ready to bid on your claim.


Agree to sale, get paid and assign rights for your claim to the buyer.

Pool smaller claims to make them more viable.

Many claims are below the minimum size for buyers, meaning you would be left out of the process. Through pooling, you have the opportunity to sell your claim and have a more favorable rate. Our team can help navigate you through this process.
Smaller claims, to meet minimum size thresholds of buyers, may be grouped with similarly situated claims.
Claimants will agree on clear criteria to evaluate bids, such as reserve price and other factors.
Winning bids are obligated to execute all claims within the group & execute agreements with each claim holder on identical terms.

Questions about debt recovery?

We have high touch sales ready to assist with your questions and help you get set to sell your claim.


How does FRNT bill for it's services?
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How does pooling claims work?
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What is impairment?
What trade structures are available?

1FRNT is not a registered broker-dealer or a member of the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and is not registered as an investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. In connection with its services related to the auction process and the sale of the sellers’ claims, FRNT will not deal in any securities.